Video & radio traffic: Mayday at Webster, NY commercial fire

Below is radio traffic from mcfw recorded during a fire Sunday night where there was a mayday. Firefighters became briefly trapped by flames at Steve’s Custom Canvas & Upholstery in Webster, New York (Monroe County). The mayday is heard at 14:17 and the mayday is cleared and the evacuation order given at 16:08.

Also below is low resolution video of the fire by Doug Szymanski that begins as the sirens and airhorns are sounded and a brief video from later in the fire by Josh Dundon.


“There actually was a mayday at one point when firefighters were fearful that they weren’t going to get back out,” Union Hill Deputy Fire Chief Kirk Willis said.

Those firefighters were on the 3rd floor and the fire rolled over the top of them. A crew right below them guided them out. Later, the roof collapsed. A wall caved in. Fire departments stretched a half mile down the road to get more water.

“Unfortunately at this intersection the hydrants are kind of sparse, so one of the largest water mains is half a mile down,” Deputy Chief Willis said.

NY Webster Steve's Upholstery fire 6-7-15


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