Trip of the Week: Karaoke King of the Road

We all know there’s no better stage than the backseat of your car when you’re wanting to belt out a few tunes.  This week’s Trip of the Week, features an Uber after party and a driver-partner who just couldn’t resist the chance to showcase his impressive vocal range!

Marie was heading home to Highgate from a birthday party in Mile End with some friends, including the Birthday Girl herself. Having had a great time, they weren’t quite ready for their evening to end and decided to keep the party going in their Uber on the way home.

Their driver, George, got the hint and decided to get the music playing, but when the radio couldn’t deliver the kind of quality tunes Marie and her friends were looking for, George asked them to connect their Spotify to the car and be the DJ for their ride home.

Marie, ever prepared for such moments, had the classics lined up – including The Backstreet Boys greatest hits and  Disney’s ‘A Whole New World’. Suddenly the backseat of their Uber became a karaoke bar, as the friends sang along all the way home. George, not wanting to hide his light under a bushel, joined in and delivered an excellent rendition (Marie reliably informs us) of “I Want it That Way”.

Thanks Marie for sharing your story with us – we’re sending £100 credit your way for your top-notch playlist! We’re also sending £100 to George and his impressive vocal stylings.

If you have a story about your Trip of the Week that you want to share with us, drop us a line at and be in with a chance to have it showcased right here, and win £100 credit!


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